April 15, 2015

Health: My First Ever V-Steam Spa Experience

Ok, so, I would like to first and fore mostly shoo away all the guys that come here to my page and refrain you from reading this post. But if you still insist on staying on this page, then do read with an open mind ya. 

Wow, that was scary hahaha..

No, seriously it's because I made a visit to Celebrity Wax & Beauty salon yesterday! I did a few treatments there but I figured I wanna share this one experience I did, that I have never done before and possibly will come back to do it again. I know the blogpost title have given it all away haha.. Yes, I did the V-Steam treatment! 

What's 'V' you ask?

It's our ehem ehem down there! XD

I read about it a couple of times in beauty related articles and know that by doing this V-steam treatment, it can do you so much good as a woman. So when I learnt that this salon had this particular treatment, I didn't hesitate to try! :D

That's the salon.. The one with a pink signage.
And this is how it looks as soon you step in!
I made my way around the salon and saw that they have hair styling services too.
You can pamper your legs, do mani pedi and lots more here.
And this is how the V-steam room looks like.
Spa and massage room ready for you
So before I began, I asked the beautician, what exactly is this V-steam. I mean, I have googled about it and all, but I just wanted some clear explanation from the expert itself.

Basically there are two types of V-steam services they provide. One for married women *cough* haha.. And one more is the normal one. The one for married women is slightly different from the normal one because they added one more herbal ingredient to the concoction for the steam. What it does is that it tightens your Vajajay so it'll.... aaahhh you know lay for what hahaha..

I didn't choose that one cause obviously I don't need it yet--since I'm still single (duh!).

I took of my clothes, wore the wrap cloth and put on the disposable panties. Then the masseuse will come in and massage your body an the area around your thighs to help loosen and destress your blood capillaries.

I was so embarrassed that I asked the masseuse to turn of the light and leave a dimly lit workspace for her. She was okay with it and just giggled to my response. But the massage.. oh my.. It was truly calming okay. I wished it didn't have to end.

While I was massaged, another staff got my steam mixture ready. She mixed these herbal ingredients containing rosemary, lavender, oregano, basil, fenugreek, mugwort and etc.

Placed the hot steamy mixture underneath this unique chair and had me sit on it for half an hour. Please do not imagine me sitting here ok hahaha... It was hot at first cause yeah the steam hits directly to your everything down there, but that only lasts about 5-10 minutes. The remaining 20 minutes was already fine for me. What I did while waiting for the 30 mins to end was I flicked through instagram and listened to my iPod. You could read a book too if you want.

Happy moi after the session is done! :)

While I did my treatment there I had a lil chat with the masseuse, and she told me that there were women who had bleeding problems, infertility or an irregular menstruation cycle, all came to this place for a continuous amount of time and alhamdulillah positive results have happened to them.

The steam will work its way into your ovaries and help reduce whatever problems you might have thanks to its beneficial qualities of each herb. It helps circulate blood, lessens odour, tightens, detox and reduces white discharges. You could search about it if you want to. I did it for an overall health condition down there cause I know it's something we always neglect or care about.

If you want to go to exact spa I went to (highly recommended cause the staffs are so friendly!) let me gather up all their info here:

B-1-20, Pelangi Square,
Pelangi Damansara, Petaling Jaya
Contact: 012 - 663 6220 (Ms. Jel)

PS: Now my mom keeps pestering me to bring her along to my next sessions there. OK maaaa! :D
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