April 13, 2015

Thoughts: Of Vincci and Chanel

You own a Chanel, does that mean you cannot wear Vincci anymore?


In fact I very much adore women who are successful and have the financial stability to even own a Hermes but does not set that high benchmark in her lifestyle. Anybody with money can buy an expensive designer handbag, but it takes a girl with passion and flair for style that oversees that to appreciate life (and fashion) as a whole.

What's wrong with pairing an expensive item with an affordable one? Fashion or style does not happen when you can afford high ended brands. It happens from the inside and it shows on how you express it. Trust me.

I know for sure that some people who can easily afford the greater things in life swore to never be seen in a Vincci outlet or some sort. Why? Are you embarrassed of being seen there? Do you think you'll look bad in a pair of Vincci shoes while toting a Chanel?

Sadly, this is happening. Yes, one may indulge in whatever he/she likes and can afford, but when you feel embarrassed to go thrift shopping, going through piles of discounted items or indulging at the local food stall eating with your hands in public, then you know there's something wrong in that little organ inside of you--your heart.

Never settle for brands or names. Settle for style and whatever the brand exudes. Settle for creativity. Settle for quality. Heck, I'm even coming out with my own line and I don't want people to buy my items for my name. I want you to buy it because you believe in it, you can feel the passion behind it and because you love that style to bits. Not for the tag attached to it.

Know what I mean?

Yeah, this is just a thought that came to my mind when I receive or see responses expecting me to be someone who's always in designer items, constantly shopping and updating my wardrobe in expensive labels and dine in the most hippest places.

Clearly they don't know me.
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anys nadhilah said...

Haha i laugh to myself while reading this. I barely can afford vincci shoes and there are people who are embarrassed wearing them.. @&@$@&@)$& i agree with you. Settle with style and creativity but most important for me is comfortable

Enny said...

can't agree more shea..style stays in your confidence in wearing it not the branding ;)

Ayah Darul said...

i looooove thrift-shopping. and there's nothing wrong about it. :D

of course, style matters more than the tags. and i dont care what i wear just as long as i am comfortable with it.

cheers kak shea!

eina_akemi said...

I would just go for brand that I'm able to pay. Mine just Charles & Keith, I'm not even able to buy Carlo Rino and bought Mng Mango on sale. So I think that we just need to buy according to our bank account and maybe sometime we can splurge on expensive item to reward our self. T

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