May 15, 2015

BEAUTY: My Night Time Skincare Routine

It's 2015. The month of May to be exact. Of course by now I have a different skincare regime that I do cause it is crucial for you to change your routine every few months or now and then. Something logical I learnt from a skincare expert, is that our skin is smart too, and they can get easily immune with the products we use just after a few months of repetitive usage.

And my skin now I can personally say is at its best. I went to a aesthetician clinic, and consulted my doctor there about my acne prone skin and did a few treatments there too. Would you like for me to share such experience here at my blog? I would, but it would be nasty cause you would see my before  and after images of my natural skin *GOD* But if a lot of you say yes, then by all means, your wish is my command, miladies! :D

And for this post, I'll share with you what I religiously use at night before I hit the sack:

I wash my face with this Himalaya Neem Face Wash cause I just think that Neem leaves are good for the skin. And cause I wanted to change brands from my previous one. Alas, I think it has served me good this past month.

I cannot tell you how much I love using this toner of mine (which I transferred from its original bottle to this small spritz bottle. I use the Thayer's Witch Hazel in Peach scent and it has been working wonders in clearing up my skin after every wash. My cotton pad will literally turn brown after running them through my skin. Dead skin cells BE GONE!

Let me tell you once and for all--I HATE MOISTURISERS. They're so sticky and ughh and why the heck would I wanna moisturise my face in this already humid climate, right? Wrong when I tried Biotherm's Aquasource moisturising cream. It's not greasy at all! And it smells like water too. I mean, you can't smell water, right? But this one--you can. Seriously go and ask for samples and see what I truly mean. I wear this religiously now and never looked back since.

Oh man, I can't see what's written on the jar. And am so lazy to go to my vanity to read it!! *lazily goes anyway* Ok ok, it's the eye revitaliser and it's in the same range as the moisturiser above. I use it just below the eyes where the skin is the most thin and most sensitive of all. What dark circles?

My final step is indeed the night spa. This will be used after I'm done scrolling my feed on my phone, done reading, done chomping down last minute supper and done with whatever work I have. Splat this all over my face (in a thin layer of course) and zzzzzzz. The next morning, I no longer am a sasquatch-looking girl. (Sorry future husband).
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~*Miss Travelling Scarfelle said...

Love that pillow! Where is it from?

kesya said...

yeahh i love to put some facial mask on my face too before I sleep. My choice is Innisfree punya collection facial mask! You need to try somehow.