May 28, 2015

Fashion Diary: Grey Petals

Salams miladies!

Don't be fooled by how fresh and alert I am in these photos. I am very much jet lagged after 10 hours flight from Turkey and now straight ahead to KLIHF in PWTC. Luckily I managed to check in my hotel in KL, and I got a few hours before the grand launch to actually update this post.

I must say the number of crowd here is crazy even before the doors are actually opened for public. Here's me today wearing Fiora from my line,  cause girl, I can't seem to find any pretty dresses in my wardrobe ever since I sold them all in the prelove event few weeks ago. Oh well, my dress here saved the day!! :D

Pashmina: Pashmina
Fiora Dress: Shea Rasol (feels so weird having my name here)
Purse: Kate Spade
Heels: Heatwave
Sunnies: Celine

Seriously though, I was jumping up and down the stairs, crossing pedestrian bridges, entering and exiting buildings in this dress and gosh, I didn't feel stuffy at all! 

*pats myself on the back* for going for this japanese cotton fabric amongst all the other samples of fabrics I tried using. Sooooo happy it turned out well!! Nothing beats comfort, right? 

Do drop by my little humble corner at WOJ's booth (just in front of the main entrance) and say hi to me! I will be here at PWTC for 4 days straight with other international icons such as Ruba (Hijabhills), Habiba (Lifelongpercussion), Nadya (SG Hijab Girl), Zulfiye (The Hijab Stylist), Alavear Sass (Thailand), Ria Miranda (Indonesia), and our very lovely Malaysian, Dena Baharin! :D

Talk soon, girls!
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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Cantik, cantik!!!!👍👍👍👗👗👗👠👠

The Twisted Moth said...

you're extraordinarily pretttyyy in this post

The Twisted Moth

cardbymyan said... tak cukup slim nak pki :(

printed paperbag & sticker, utk doorgift etc... jom tgk blog kami :)