May 6, 2015

Thoughts: Finding His Way Back Home

So, as I've mentioned in my instagram post (if you were directed from there), today was a very special day for me and my family!

Let me rewind a bit to last Friday to when I came across this feline who was in pain on the side of the road whilst I was driving back home. My sister and I brought it to a ER vet for we know that the condition of Gizmo (that's what we named him) wasn't looking so great.

(Here's my instagram post a few days ago):
On my way back home last night I saw a cat lying on the line of the edge of the road. So my sister and I stopped cause we wanted to push him further inside making sure he's not too close to the road. Turns out he was in pain! His body was limp, and his tongue was sticking out the entire time. Huhu.. Without further hesitation, we took him to the ER vet (which was 40 mins away from my place, cause apparently there's only 1 ER vet in KL!!😡) cause we didn't have the heart to leave him in pain like that. At the ER, the vet told us that his condition is pretty bad. His entire lower body is paralysed 😔, there were bruises and cuts everywhere 😔, and he accidentally poked his tongue with his own fangs from the impact of the knock he received 😔. (we assume it's from a motorcycle because if it was a car.........) Huuu. Why did the person who knocked him be so cruel and left him just like that? I named this little fella Gizmo. I hope we will hear good news from the vet today..😌 #LittleBraveGizmo
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So after 5 days being warded at the hospital and after numerous updates from the doctor at the vet, we finally brought Gizmo back home today! :D In that 5 days at the hospital, Gizmo was weak, he didn't want to eat, but alhamdulillah there were no major infections even though his liver was swollen and there were multiple bruises on his body.

Another thing that got us worried was that we weren't looking for adopting another cat seeing Carlos is such a diva and he just isn't that friendly with other male cats around.

So what were we supposed to do after taking Gizmo back home, we wondered? This got us all puzzled, for we honestly think that Gizmo needs the attention and care especially seeing that he's still in recovery mode. But we just can't have him at our home, in or out of our house, cause Carlos has been stressing a lot lately with our neighbours' cat that loves to nonchalantly pass by our house and freaks Carlos out. He got so pissed seeing those cats outdoors, it affects his health. Mengada, kan? :p

The best option we could do is put Gizmo in a cat hotel for a week or so, while we pass around flyers mentioning we found Gizmo. We were so positive that Gizmo is not a stray cat cause his fur, skin and body size depicts so.

Before we managed to get the poster done, my elder sister has already blasted about Gizmo in our neighbourhood whatsapp group and asked around if anyone had lost a cat, and Gizmo might probably be theirs.

With the help of the Almighty, we received a positive response in that group with someone claiming that Gizmo might be theirs. So we sent more images of Gizmo, and pretty sure they knew that that was their cat who in fact has been missing for a few days.

Gizmo was discharged from the vet today and on this exact same day we found the rightful owner of Gizmo and brought him back to where he belongs. He seemed soooo happy I tell you. Even though a bit limp when walking, he wandered around his owner's house in excitement! I think he sensed and smelled his home immediately when we brought him out of the car.

The owner too, was happy that Gizmo (he's real name is Timi) is now back in their arms.


It was the best feeling ever when you see families are united and homes are more happier than ever--even if it's because of a cat.

Alhamdulillah! :D

P/S: Full outfit post, tomorrow! This story deserves its own post! :D
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Nadia Rajami said...

Aww.... ;)

NFH said...

Nangis terharu...

More pic of timi aka gizmo please...

Amalia Ardiatami said...

such a beautiful heart you have kak Shea, gizmo is so lucky to meet you!

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Oh yeah alhamdulillah!!!! Kalau sayangkan binatang insyaallah Allah akan tolong!!! U n ur sister r the cat's heroines!!! Meowr!!!!������������

dew_miauw said...

and I'm sooo happyy too reading this post :)