June 19, 2015

Beauty: My Eyeliner Game

So I asked you guys on my instagram: Can you spot the difference in these two images below?

For those of you who answered, eyeliner, then you're correct! Basically I am such an eyeliner girl (liquid eyeliner to be exact), that sometimes I find myself look super weird if I don't wear it on different days or occasion. I'm sure all you eyeliner gals totally agree with me on this. It's just like you're not you anymore hahaha...

But again, I do wanna make it a point to not have to wear eyeliner everyday (get my struggle?) but still want to look presentable. This is what I would do:

You can see the difference it makes but still ensures that my eyes looks awake and (maybe pretty haha). I especially love how you can see the strands of your eyelashes compared to when you wear a full on winged eyeliner. 

Remember, tiny wings!
Happy trying!
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Nur Salwani Alias said...

What eyeliner do you usually use?

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

The mata!!!👀👀👀