June 11, 2015

Boutique Crush: Glampot, Kuala Lumpur

It was a hectic week, hence you can see how 'frequent' I have my posts up hihi. But one thing that made my week so far was my visit to Glampot Boutique in Kayu Ara, Damansara. I lurrrrveee designer bags. Who doesn't? But from what I learnt from Glampot is that they provide consignment services, meaning you can sell your unwanted designer bags to them, and the help sell them back for you!

And for some people who doesn't mind buying preloved items, or for those who are always on the lookout for unique and rare non-produced items anymore, are more than welcome to come here. You'll never know what you're gonna find! 

And as for moi, I'm all about vintage finds. If it isn't that obvious anymore.

The thing I regretted about coming here is that I didn't bring my mom with me! She sure would love to ransack this whole store and have me "advice" her on what to get or what not. I will most certainly definitely suggest whatever SHE LIKES. NOT WHAT I LIKE. NOPE.

Hmm.. I do need a grey purse. I do. I do.
Or maybe this.
You can ask whatever you want about the purse you desire. About the age, the design, and the price of course hahah
Can't a girl dreammmmm??
I might need to get myself a wallet. Cause mine's already worn out. I think.
They even have these LV luggages!! *cryyyyy*
Nope, stick to plan A, Shea. 
Hey this is pretty neat. Can be my telekung bag maybe?
When I finally found the ones I like. I so greedily bring them up to the counter to inquire more about them.
Oh look, more colours!
Hmmm.. Baju raya tahun ni colour pastel.. Cause duh, everyone's wearing my label for raya, why shouldn't I, right? XD
Oh my! Karen Walker sunnies!! I am a huge fan!
Tadaaaa!! I finally made my decision! Which is to get this thingamajig! 
Hahaha that caption will probably happen to me in a million years later! But of course, one can always dream (and work hard) to achieve it! So I practically got my eyes on a few purses that I like, and I am waiting to see if these sleepless nights will wear off or they won't. Cause if they don't, Glampot, be ready for my arrival okay!

What I love about shopping here is that it was so easy to find the area. Just wazed it and found it, and you have PLENTY of choices to choose from! They accept credit card instalment packages. You get free store credits when you shop online on their website. You can preorder whatever items you fancy and they'll scour the world for you (cool, huh?), andddd the best part of all: the staffs are very welcoming and friendly! I had a hard time going back home after this shopping session okay.

And ohh, I suggest you drop by this weekend cause there'll be an event for all you shoppers!

I have a feeling I will ditch whatever plans I have for the weekend and attend this. I'm not gonna let you all clean up whatever items they have in store heheee.. And also for the fact that you can shop clothes as well cause Shopat22 will also be there!

Seriously though, I saw and kept and eye on what I like, I'll die if I see them gone whenever I come back later on. Huaaaa. A girl's struggle is real ok!

So if you'd like to know more about this established label bringing you all 100% authentic designer goodies, lemme summarise their info for you. Don't forget to say hi if we bump into each other at the store, ya!


Shop online or offline at:


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Nysa Mustaffa said...

Aaaaaaaaaa I love your new handbag babe!! When do u wanna come and visit me here babe? xx

Venus Milkshakes said...

glampot is going to be one of those places that i'll go once i grow up a bit hahahha! (im 16)

yours truly,
Hani (http://venusmilkshakes.blogspot.com)

Rachel Marie said...

What a lovely shop! Looveeee Celine bags!
Rachel Coco

Atic Nuratica said...

Wow. Thanks for posting about this shop, Shea. I would love to check it out.

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Sizzling Suzai said...

huhu accepting installment is always A GREAT idea!!!

Blogger said...

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