June 3, 2015

Fashion Diary: Busy Bee on A Roll

Assalam world!

After being away for such a long time for work, I can now finally sit and type! Yesterday I had to qadha' my sleep for 3 times whilst I was home okay! Phewww.. My oh my.. Running your own company while handling other jobs as well isn't that all easy. But I believe if you put your heart to it, insyaAllah, Allah will provide the easiest path for you to cross.. Don't believe me? Then how did I manage to travel back-to-back and actually got things done, successfully?

All of this would've not happened if it weren't for the Almighty above.

Don't forget to shop at www.shearasol.com while I get my pics from KLIHF compiled for you guys! Have a splendid week ahead okay mi girlies!

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Rayyan N. said...

Hi Shea :) May I know where is your long cardigan from?

umi hakimah said...

dekat mana ye u beli shawl tu? and what camera did u used for this pic..

miss ayiina said...

why didnt you list these items????aaaaa i think this is the most comfy casual yet coolest piece you have styled! please pleasee can you list the items? i would like to purchase 'em soon!