June 6, 2015

Fashion Diary: Sending My Sister Off To The Airport

Went to KLIA2 to send my sister and her friends off to Australia and man, I'm so not ready for this!! She's gonna be away for 10 days and I honestly feel sad about it. You see, me and my younger sister, Iqa, are very close. Our age gap aren't that big too. So, not having her around makes me kinda sad. Though I'd never let her know!! Hahaha..

I don't know, maybe I wasn't brought up to be the lovey-showey type of love and more like the teasing-kind-of-love between me and my sisters. But that's ok, right? :B

Pashmina: unbranded
Top: Milktee
Palazzo pants (which I keep stepping myself on): Zara
Heels: Melissa
Bag: Forever21
iPhone Case: The Casing House

So yeah, she probably won't read this, so here I am being all mushy and what not.... Iqaaaaaa come back home soon!!!!!