June 18, 2015

Fashion Diary: Why I'm So Excited Today!

GUYSSS!!! I'm soooo happy! Why you ask? Check my outfit first below haha :D

Scarf: Forever21
Safwa Dress: Shea Rasol
Purse: Salvatore Ferragamo
Wedges: Zara

The reason that got me so excited to blog today, is this.....

You see, I went to Turkey about 3 weeks ago for work. And I didn't share with you guys for whatever reason it is for, right? It's for Sunsilk's TV commercial! I was soooo excited when they contacted me to have on board as part of the team as the wardrobe stylist. I was immediately in awe of the position and the experience it might give me, but I was hesitant too.

The date of the trip to Istanbul actually clashed with the date I was gonna launch my label (Shea Rasol KL), so I did say no to them at first even though I was sad to do so. But they insisted having me and my work for this project so I asked my family and team whether should I proceed with accepting the offer. And everyone said I must give it a shot.


I basically was in charge of the outfit for all the talents in the ad. And I whipped up options and looks for the client to see. Alhamdulillah these selections were chosen and the rest is history.

See girls, when life throws you with unimaginable opportunities--grab it even though it's something you've never done before and totally out of your comfort zone. For this case, I am so comfortable with styling people, I have done it a million times. But for a TV commercial, it's definitely something new. 

Thank you Sunsilk and crew for having me! :D
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