June 17, 2015

Thoughts: It Is Here Again!

Salam Ramadhan my loves!!!

Oh myyy time flies so fast, it's already Ramadhan 2015! How have you prepared in anticipating Ramadhan? Me? I vow to do more and more of supererogatory (I literally had to google how that is spelt) ibadaahs as much as I can. The normal and noob me would usually look past the benefits of performing sunnah prayers. But my mom told me so much about it that I began to read more about it and vowed to do more about it.


Hahaha.. It's so weird cause sometimes when I type, I feel like I'm actually talking. So please bear with me while you try to grasp the meaning of what I say ok. Basically I know my obligatory prayers are most certainly not perfect, so how do I make sure I receive the most out of it? 

Supererogatory prayers!

Let's hope we can all come out of Ramadhan a better person even for 1%.

May all of you receive and achieve the very best this beautiful month, and I would like to offer my apologies for ANY wrongdoings I have (not might) done towards you in one way or another. 

Talk soon! xx
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