July 14, 2015

Fashion Diary: My Most Practical Abaya

Salaams blogsphere!

What are you up to at this hour? I'm guessing you'd probably be somewhere around the world ready for iftar, or ready for bed. Whatever it is, I hope you're all in the pink of health! :) Two more days till it's Syawal! I don't know whether to be happy or not about it, truthfully. Probably because I think there was more to Ramadhan that I didn't make full use of :( (Future children of mine, one day if you're reading this, please don't follow mommy okay)

Anyhoo, this is moi on an iftar date with Nurul and Fira. I decided to wrap myself with this gorg hooded abaya from Splendor that I literally just got from the mailman. That's what usually happens when I'm too excited over a certain online purchase. I cannot wait a day longer of not wearing it heee!

Scarf: Zachella
Kayla Abaya: Splendor MY
Pants: Uniqlo X Hana Tajima
Purse: Givenchy Nightingale
T-bars: Nichii

And you know what, this particular abaya is the answer for when you want something that's super easy and uncomplicated to cover over what you have underneath. It's frigginly practical, and I loved the fact that the zippers fall just right on your hips so that you can see your pants underneath.

Talk to you guys soon!

P/s: For those of you who purchased any Uniqlo X Hana Tajima's items, I would highly recommend you to hand wash it on its own for a few times first before mixing it with other garments. I soaked it with some of my clothes, and the colours of the pants I bought leaked!!! Ughhhhh. Now all my scarves and dresses that were in the same pail have blue splotches on em..not cool. :(
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