July 12, 2015

Fashion Diary: White Chocolate

You know what, I woke up early today, and looked out the window. What I saw was a beautiful cloudy morning. It wasn't the grey cloudy-type-ish. It was orangey cloudy. And it rained a bit and for a while too. 

Then I went downstairs to my mom and asked her, "Ma, what day of Ramadhan was it last night?" "25th", she said. Then it occurred to me that that probably last night was lailatul qadar, who knows right?

Scarf: CK Rahim
Jubah: Libellna (@libellna)
Palazzo Pants (underneath): Forever21
Purse: Louis Vuitton

Whatever it is, I'm just so happy that despite some people tried to put me down a few days ago (refer my instgram), I am all better now and I found strength in knowing that Allah is with the ones who remembers him most. And that is what I strive for in life, not pleasing people.

Here's moi today in my new (and a bit bare) showroom in Bangi Sentral! It's still very much new, and all the things I ordered for the shop haven't arrived yet, so I still wanted to open it for those of you wanting to do last minute Eid shopping since delivery is not an option at this rate. See you in my showroom okay! I wanna give you hugs! :D
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Nia said...

I am thinking the same thing on night of 25th Ramadhan..;)

cardbymyan said...


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tq tuan tanah

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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Insyallah that was lailatul qadr!! Nice brown outfit kak!!!👍👍

hanis said...

assalammualaikum .. shea please buat tutorial nak pakai tudung ni.. u look so gorges