July 1, 2015

Fashion Diary: White Shirt Dilemma

Here's a throwback look I've been meaning to post but just hadn't had the time to. This look is the solution for all you white shirt lovers who just can't get enough of them, but hate the fact that they're so predictable and sheer to begin with.

What I did was, I layered a frilled spaghetti top over it to add stylisation and at the same time cover what needs to be covered if the top gets a bit too sheer.

Scarf: Asos
Shirt: H&M
Ruffled top: Love Bonito
Skirt: Brands Outlet
Purse: Sofina Bag

And paired it with a matching coloured skirt to get the whole balance cause my scarf today is a bit loud to begin with. See how the bag and the scarf adds this look up a notch even there's no single colour going on on my outfit?
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