September 20, 2015

Boutique Crush: Neng Geulis, Kota Damansara

So I happen to made my way to Kota Damansara last weekend. And turns out I was at the right place and at the right time! Why you ask? Cause I saw a canopy with lots people squeezing in and out of Neng Geulis boutique! Being the nosy me, I decided to step into the boutique and find out what's it all about.

Apparently they were having an open season session! Meaning they're having massive sales as high as 30% on all new and old items. Whatttt.. I should've brought my mom with me. I'm sure she'd appreciate the sales too!

Pictures beholdddd...

I kinda like this pale orange and pink combo on the mannequin!
Queuing up to payyy
Can you just not stand theseeee omg.. I love the left most espesh!
And some simple everyday tops!
Some instant scarves for your choosing :D
The calm after the storm
Something I see myself in.. (literally) haha!
For all you lace lovers!
Moi with Kak Nana (the owner) and Farahanim! :D
Guess how many items I managed to bagged home? Three! Heheee.. Such a lucky day for me to actually step foot in Neng Geulis once again after so long. So, if you're nearby (or even if you're not), do make a visit to their boutique. And follow their page to know when they'll have crazy sales again.

*Asking my mom to follow their IG too, in case I accidentally miss out!*

Neng Geulis Hijab
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Eka Patriargadani said...

beautiful boutique!

Please kindly visit my blog too,
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nourash said...

Neng geulis is Sundanese language from west Java mean beautiful lady. Neng is mis and geulis is beautiful . such a beautiful boutique .😀😊👗😠