September 10, 2015

Fashion Diary: Ups and Downs

I'm actually feeling pretty great about September. ALhamdulillah things are going as planned for my label, and also for the fact that I just signed up a gym membership cause I find that I need to shed off a few kilos thanks to Eid and whatnot. Pray so that it goes well for me! :)

Here's me today attending a meeting with some potential clients and I gotta say, I chose the right outfit for the day.

Scarf: Sugarscarf
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Heels: Zara

How's September treating you so far? I hope it's okay though I'm sure we're pretty much sad over what's going on in the world right now (cue images of Syrian refugees) :'( I have to say, the best we can all do apart from sharing the awareness, is to actually donate. Trust me, you won't lose anything by donating, in fact, one day your donation will come back to you in a much better form fit for your life. InsyaAllah.
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Syafiqah Hashim said...

Nice outfit Kak Shea! ;)
Always inspired..

Zilqiah Angraini said...

so calm warnanyaaa ^,^
love it .

Eka Patriargadani said...

gorgeous as always :)
that long dress is beautiful and the pattern too!

Sambil Jajan
Fresh Cappucinno ♥

Ayah Darul said...

Maaan! That dress is the bomb, Shea. Love it to bits.