September 24, 2015

Happy Eid Adha!

Baju Kurung: Nurul Wonder Wardrobe

Happy Eid Adha my lovelies!! It is indeed a special day for all us Muslims seeing that Eid ul Adha brings so much meaning to each and every one of us. The day itself existed in the remembrance of the tale of Nabi Ibrahim (as) was to slaughter his own child, Nabi Ismail (as) as proof of his taqwa and iman to Allah swt. It shows that no attachment in this world should come between you and the Almighty. I don't know if I'll ever live to that level of sacrifice, but I do hope that I will come close in losing all the worldly things for Him. Aamiin for all of us.

On another note, never thought I'd look okay wearing white colored scarves! I love this Perky Cream scarf to bits cause to me it's an effortless off-white hue. Not sheer, and flows way too nice in this airy weather :D
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thevioletgun said...

shea , why not sis shea put pinterest button on all of your pictures :)
Thats gonna be awesome :)

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Slmt aidiladha juga kak!!!! Yes, tis the day to rmrbr the incident!!!😊😊😊👍👍

Lisan Kyrana said...

Nice outfit :)