October 24, 2015

Beauty: Getting Myself Pampered at Medina's Muslimah Salon

I must say, today has been the highlight of my hectic week ever! I was juggling too much jobs and I was just on the verge of exploding. And with additional problems arising because of my phone/phone number, I am just feeling a lil bit ughhhh this week! I literally felt my head spinning due to the migraine I went through so I figured I needed to calm myself down if not, it will do me no good in the long run.

So I went to a spa. Haha! Don't judge me, but I'm sure you do it too, righhhhttt?? :p Those problems I mentioned above were just excuses! hahaha.. No lah, I was being serious. And luckily for me when I was in Shah Alam to settle some work, I came across Medina's Ladies Hair & Beauty Salon! 

This salon is 100% women only salon, and as soon as I stepped in, I could hear beautiful recitations of the Quran filling the air of the salon. Amazing, huh?

There, up there! :D
Me picking out which treatment to go for (hardest decision ever cause banyak choice!!)
So I think I might need this whitening facial treatment hehee
Moi in my cutesy spa/facial room!
Ok you guys can get out now :P
While I did my pampering, I decided to treat my sister to a hair treatment cause she's been feeling dryness in her hair.
I think I might need to do my hair here too!
Like seriously? A RM1 haircut??
I reeeeaaaaalllyyy enjoyed my session there cause while the beautician did the facial on me, she will whisper 'bismillah' with every work she will do on my face. Especially during extraction (the one where they extract the spots and bumps on your face with the metal thingy). I was totally impressed by this ok.

And as soon as we were done with everything, I saw this flyer about the RM1 haircut promo! WHATTT??? This happens for only a day so you guys better make full use of it! Cause usually women's haircuts will cost you a bomb, I'm sure you notice that. So I asked the beautician how can this be possible? She told me cause it was for charity and that they hope with this promotional offer, many can benefit from it :') Seriously I'm crying.

I'm feeling that all you Shah Alamians are absolutely lucky! You could just become a regular here and enjoy this spa all you want cause seriously I felt at home whilst I was there. And yes, I felt revived once my session is over. I'm thinking of coming back to do the full body spa one day!

If you wanna know the details of this amazing Muslimah spa for women, here they are:

MEDINA Ladies Hair & Beauty Salon
Location: 45, Jalan Plumbum R7/R, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact No: 03-55232920