October 4, 2015

Fashion Diary: Autumn Leaves

Here's a look I've been wanting to wear since forever as soon as I knew that I was heading to Hokkaido! The best part was, I made this top for Shea Rasol KL, and is still indeed in a sampling process cause I needed to test out the cut and shape before finalising anything. And I have to say, you must wait till the real one when it's out! :D

Hat: H&M
Scarf: unbranded
Shirt: H&M
Assymetrical tunic top: Shea Rasol
Pants: Zara
Purse: Givenchy
Boots: Forever21

And woohoo me, cause I friggin love this ankle boots I bought specifically for this trip! It fit so well and does not cause blisters or pain with all those walking I did around these past few days. So yeah, don't be surprised to see me wear it again in sunny Malaysia :p


This preorder period is still open, so head over to my shop and shop awayyyy! :D

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rajanurul said...

Shea...i really want the tunic top so much..please put me in loop tau....

Nurul Wahdini said...

very gorgeous and love the outfit so much :)


nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

The hat!!! Hahah something new!!!😊👍👒