October 12, 2015

Fashion Diary: Taylor x Shea (Day 1)

"I am getting to the point where the only love worth being in is the love worth singing about." -TS

I woke up this morning and suddenly figured that I wanted to dress like Taylor Swift for the week! The idea came out of no where, but of course something that I really am looking forward to cause I friggin' love TayTay! She's the epitome of beauty in this era and a role model that I personally look up to cause:

1. She's original. She writes her own songs for crying out loud. How genuine can one artist be if she does not produce her own content, right?

2. She's classy. Why, she's a multimillionaire but does not take that as an excuse for her to go twerking her butt off every now and then.

3. She's intelligent. I've seen her interviews and she answers the questions so eloquently and knows what she's speaking about. Now that's true passion right there.

4. She has an awesome taste in style. Heck, I actually wanted to recreate different celebs' styles for this week but upon googling their images, all I can see is slouchy tees and ripped jeans. Predictable.

Shirt: Milktee
Pants: Target
Purse and pumps: Charles & Keith

So for today's look I decided to recreate this simple combo do and paired a blue cotton shirt with my black skinnies. Taylor probably used jeggings/leggings here and finished off her look with a shoulder bag in black with formal burgundy pumps. I have to honestly say, this look was the bees knees. It was oh-so practical and comfortable to be worn through out the day! So yes, I totally digged this look.

Hmm, which Taylor's outfit shall I recreate tomorrow? Be sure to stay tuned to find out :D
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Suzie Yusof Mohamed said...

Shea you sure have gained few kgs! good luck losing some of it! <3 <3

Zanariah Mohd Tap said...

Shea, sama sangat. :D weeee. cannot wait for another look hehe.

Puput Utami said...

ahh.. soo beautiful and sama sangattt.. i love her style and of course your style as well sheaa ;)

nurul hazirah said...

kak shea boley x buat tutorial shawl mcam ni? plisssss