October 13, 2015

Fashion Diary: Taylor x Shea (Day 2)

I'm always afraid of failing. I have to quiet that fear if I'm going to get up in the morning. -TS

Good evening (or good morning depending on where you are) girls! How was your Tuesday? Mine was exceptionally awesome seeing that today is the 2nd day I challenge myself to dress like my girl, T. And like I've told you before in my previous posts, I will work my favourite ankle boots again in Malaysia. So today is the day!

Scarf: Shea Rasol
Top: Azorias
Pants: Zara
Belt: H&M
Purse: Vintage find
Ankle Boots: Forever21

Lucky me, I managed to find a vintage purse during my trip to Sapporo last week! And when I decided to rock this look, I was like oh man, I have this same wavelength with Taylor that's just indescribable. The top too, was like finding a gem in the rough cause I think it goes well with Taylor's  printed tunic top. 

The boots and the belt was the icing on the cake, and lastly, the wind blowing in our directions surely completed my Tayloresque day! :D

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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Its flattering that u take inspiration from ur fave celeb in ur fashion kak!!! I also do that kind of things sometimes!!! Oh ya don't forget the red lips also hahahha!!!😁😁👍👍👍

lisa andina said...

You are briliant shea

Nisa Kay said...

waaaa Taylor Swifttt :D
suke sangat style mcm ni, nisa pun suka pakai mcm ni, tapi kan nisa sgt sgt kurus, so mcm x sesuai je pakai belt :(