October 27, 2015

Thoughts: My Life Made Easier With ServisHero!

Seriouslyyy... I'm stressing out here... Too many work for my body to cope huhuuu... I have so many things to juggle sometimes I feel like I wanna explode! Have you ever felt like that before? Imagine ni belum kahwin lagi.. seriously how do you working mommies and full-time housewives do this!! :(

But before I actually explode, did you know that there is this one particular app that basically makes your life a million times easier? I know this because I recently just changed my phone that has bigger memory space (woohoo!!) so I was like app-installing-crazy for a few days ago.

And I found this: SERVISHERO!

This is how it looks like before downloading it. I love the little yellow cape behind the H hehe..
So when you go in, this is what you'll see on the first page.
With the busy-ness surrounding me, I figured I wanted to try and find a Muslimah salon around my area. Last week I brought my sister to treat her hair, and I didn't have time for myself cause I was busy facial-ing haha. Now I'm beginning to regret it. Luckily there's this appppppp!

You can pretty much choose from all the categories they have from cleaning, moving, home, learning, event and even if you have piping problems at home and you need a plumber pronto!

There were 5 questions if I'm not mistaken
So for moi, I just wanted to pamper my hair. And I chose under the 'Hair and Makeup' category and had to answer these few questions so SERVISHERO would know what I particularly want.

BAM! Received my quotes!
Within 24 hours, I received the quotes I wanted! Apparently the app found two places I could go to with all the requirements I requested and all I need to do now, is choose! :D

There are these two options to choose from, to which each has their pricing that I could roughly budget before actually going there. Cool, huh??

And between the two, I think this salon suits my needs more so all I had to do left was call/text them to book my appointment! Seriouslyyyyy it was that easy! Arghhhh suka gila. Thanks to the app now I can juggle lots of things without wasting so much time figuring out the where and the how much haha.. The app is such a keeper especially if you know that you have a hectic schedule. No need to be disappointed just by googling and not receiving the information you need for any services anymore. It's 2015, yeah? It's about time apps such as this exist!

Lucky for us, they do! :D

Just look for the name SERVISHERO on iOS or Android and start leaving your job to them :D You gotta watch the video in their website to see how easy your life would be with this app. I did. :p
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