October 20, 2015

Video: What's In My Givenchy Nightingale Bag

Hello beautiful people! Imma make your Monday a lot better by watching this video of mine, lol! Haha.. I always enjoy watching what people have in their bags (not in a stalker-ish way of course) cause I feel that their bags tells  a lot about their character or personality.

Sooooo what'd you think of me? XD
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Nisa Kay said...

WAHHH nak buat jugak video macam nii hehe.

kukumalu_izie said...

seems that Shea is going out of her comfort zone now! Well done sis! looking forward to see more videos from you.. yeah! I'm a big fan of you..xoxo ^^

Ayah Darul said...

gosh!!! I gotta have that water bottle, Shea!!
Nice vid. <3

Kai | www.lilpink.info

sesegar said...

nice shea :)Lebih kurang sama je barang yg ada dlm bag kita,hihi. cuma
I suggest u bring any book ,motivational/ spiritual/ whatever you like cause my trainer said we have to read book EVERYDAY.

But avoid trash books.hihi!

Nice, you are so natural dear :)

~Am said...

Hi Shea,

Can I know what size is this and the type of leather?

It's pretyy!!

myan said...


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