November 24, 2015

Thoughts: I Could Say

So it has been an awfully stressful week for me. So stressful I just had to get out of the city and climbed all the way up Broga Hills located in Semenyih. It was harder than it actually looks, okay! But the view when you're up there makes it all worth it.

There's so many things going on in my mind and I've been contemplating some life-decisions too. It's nearing the end of the year, and this is where I'd usually think about life and how it had been and also will be. We're at the transitional period where you think of all the things you did and how it has affected your life, whether good or bad.

I've been picking up books a lot lately too. I just want to be engrossed and hope that it can clear my mind off of things in some way or another. Sometimes I think my mind is like a mind of a 50 year old lady. I think too much and too far. And I don't know whether it will do me good or not. Arghhh, not sure if you guys can actually understand what I'm writing, but if you're in the same position, I bet you will.

I just wanna be with nature.
I just wanna stargaze.
I just wanna read and not worry about time.
I wanna wear what I like.
I wanna cycle through the evening.
I wanna just drive aimlessly heading nowhere in particular.
I wanna do things by myself.

Well, that's me now. I'll probably be my old self come next week so don't you guys worry about me k! :D
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Sizzling Suzai said...

welll i bet we r in the same circumstance...... ;) huhu >.<

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Skirt lawa pe!!!!👍👍😲😲

anys nadhilah said...

me too me too 😂I didn't realize that I'm worried / think too much until I took mental test last week . my mind is 15 years older than my age which was very shocking. p/s correct my grammar please

author nad said...

it's good to let go and recharge Shea. with bigger projects that you have now i think it's great if you take at least once a week to recharge or insert daily habits that allows you to de-stress. Here's a video that helped me to sort of get the ideas to de-stress. it's by ingrid nilsen :

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cda rais said...

i also want not to worry about time. :(

Nisa said...
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