December 22, 2015

Fashion Diary: Work Those Corals

Assalamualaikum beautiful souls!

Today was another hectic day for me.. Seriously though, can I have more than 24 hours a day T.T
I practically can and will only sleep around 2-3am and get back up early the next morning to continue work like I would everyday. So tell me, how am I gonna fit a guy into my life with this kind of schedule? :p Haha bikin kontroversi je :p

Anyhoo, I managed to snap my outfit look for the day before heading off to work as per usual. My boutique is now doing so well Alhamdulillah thanks to your amazing love and support. In return, I bring you new colours for this pleated tunic that is oh-so-loved! Seriously all the pieces I made for the previous stock was sold out in merely a few weeks so I had to work quick in getting these new restocks out for you guys!

Veila Scarf (Jolly Coral): Shea Rasol
Pleated Tunic Top (Dusty Coral): Shea Rasol
Pants: Zara
Heels: Midi
Purse: Karen Walker

I've been having busy days before today and I ran around in flats all week that I missed wearing heels so bad! So I decided to wear one today to keep myself sane haha.

P/s: Do you guys think I look skinnier now? Hahaha what a question. In all seriousness though, I did lose quite a few kilos this past month. And I'm aiming to lose more and eat healthily. I'll share with you one day with regards to how I lost my weight :)
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