January 28, 2016

Beauty: My Favourite Red Lipstick Of All Time

I've been asked a lot about my red lips (or should I say lipsticks). I know you guys have been seeing me donning the red lip look one too many times and to tell you the truth, I think that's the only colour that suits me well in the realm of lip colours. I'm sure it has something to do with my skin tone which I'd like to refer as 'mocha' coloured. Hehee!

I'll reveal to you which tone / lipstick I love best amongst these 6 that I have. I actually have two or three more, but I can assure you they're on a wandering streak lost somewhere in all those handbags I have at home. So for now, I'll show you the ones I do have with me right now, mmkays?

From left to right, I've carefully swapped it for you to show you how the colour actually is in natural light. Let me break them down for you, one by one k!

1. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick - 08 Fesoro
Honestly this was a mistake purchase. I tested (number 2 below) at Sephora, and when I wanted to get it, I accidentally picked this one up. Back home I realised I actually bought the wrong colour cause this one has an orange tinge to it. But I guess I could live with this colour as it does look okay on me.

2. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick - 01 Fiery
So I went to Sephora again to actually get this one where I initially planned to get. I must say, this colour, is by far the best red I have ever had. And the color's so solid on your lips, it stays on forever. The matte finish is not too drying and it won;t come off until you want it too. Speak of the devil, yes, it is quite hard to remove it and it's impossible to remove it with water. So wear this at night events, or if you have your wudhu' on, prior to applying it. That's what I would do.

3. Maybelline Velvet Lipcream - Mat 11
I was sold when I saw these in print ads. So I got these babies in two colours okay! Greedy me later then regretfully realised that I hated it. It's not matte at all! They take forever to dry, and smears on everything if you're not careful. So yeah, ever since I bought it, and tested it once, I never used it again. What a waste!

4. Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm - 250
The pigment is awesome, and the price is too. I love the fact that this little darling would be perfect to be used for daily wear cause it's not too heavy on the lips. It stays matte and stains your finger a lil bit if you pat on your lips. But what I don't get is the minty sensation as soon as you apply it. Like um, do we need that?

5. Nars Audacious - Audrey
Firstly I despise the price. It was RM90++ if I'm not mistaken. But I wanted so badly to have myself a Nars something so I got it just for the sake of it. I do love this colour and texture though (thank God!) cause it's like maroon-ish red. And it's pretty moist for a matte lipstick. I'd wear this baby whenever I wanna try on bold looks once in a while. And oh yeah, it feathers too. That's the 2nd bad thing I can say about it.

6. MAC - Diva
This is a very deep red, close to burgundy. I love the colour, and texture too. It falls under the matte range and as some of you might know, the mattes at MAC can be a bit drying on the lips. So I would really put on lip balm first if I were to wear this. This colour looks smoking hot when worn with a heavy eyeliner look with no eyeshadows whatsoever.

There you go! I hope this post answers some of your questions and maybe guide you on your first journey to red lips! Hehee.. I remembered how scared I was to wear red lipstick for the first time cause none of my sisters ever wear one, and I was so afraid of looking older than my age. But as time passes, and my care for people's opinions about me became lesser and lesser, I began to embrace bold red lips the way it should.
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e F a said...

efa rasa, shea patut buat utk MAKEUP jugak selain dari OUTFIT. sebab efa suka tgok shea pki redlips, tapi tak tahu shea pki yg mana. but that stila lipstick, efa dh try kat sephora, lawaaaaa gila n susah jugak nak remove.