January 21, 2016

Fashion Diary: Another Amazing Week

So this past week has been nothing but awesome! My days were filled with TV shoots and taking care  of my boutique in Bangi, thus I could fairly say I had a wild week. Why am I saying as if it's the weekend?? Haha, probably because Friday is practically a weekend for us all, so yeah..

Here's a look I wore today and played around with simple cuts but added some quirk in a sense that the colours were fresh and bright. Omg, that sounded like a line from a toothpaste commercial bhahah.

Scarf: Dian Pelangi
Shirt: Shea Rasol
Striped Top: Stolen from my sistahh
Wide Leg Pants: Shea Rasol
Purse: Zara
Sunnies: Dior

And you know what, I think my outfit today matched the fence I was leaning on haha.. See, inspiration can come in so many different ways!
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