January 26, 2016

Style Diary: Twirling Happy

Hello my loves! Today was indeed an exciting day for me mainly for two reasons: (a) I just released my Spring/Summer 2016 collection at my shop. And (b) I became a farm girl today! Heee! I bet you're really wondering how the heck did that happen, yeah? Well, read on!

Printed scarf: Haute Hijab
Shirt dress turned Outerwear: Shea Rasol
Sleeveless top (underneath): Love Bonito
Trousers: Supre
Purse: Fendi
Heels: Charles & Keith
Sunnies: Quay

Wore this look in the morning to settle some errands and I was extremely excited that I had this Peter Pan Collared top with me at home. Cause most of my stocks are in my boutique, but this morning, it all went according to plan. So I headed out the door pairing hues of Egyptian blue with touches of monochromatic greys, blacks and whites. To add some highlight to my look, the printed scarf worked wonders while not overshadowing the outfit that's going on.

And later in the evening, this happened:

I had a TV shoot for the show I'm hosting, SIS, and our task this time required us to head to a ranch! I was friggin excited when the crew told us and was extremely happy when the day arrived. I got to play with horses and goats! Fed them, brushed their fur, and literally spent hours taking pictures with them hihi. I mean yeah, it's not everyday you get to see them, huh?

Ps: Look at this lil angel's adorable face! He was clearly happy to see me (that's what I'd like to think) and I'm sure he misses me now too...cause I already am missing him!!! *Turns this image to my desktop wallpaper*
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Humra Aisyah said...

Hye shea. I love ur blog and of course ur fashion. Tapi ur blog sekarang font susah nak baca & font size kecik. Would u consider to change it? After all, ur new blog lay out is awesome. :)

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Awwww kambing!!!! Cute nyer.... Seen one b4, but never touch one b4!!!🐑🐑💙💙💙