January 24, 2016


Ehem ehem.. Notice the amazing new look you're seeing here at My Amethyst? I'm sure that's the very first thing you notice as soon as you log onto my page, ya? I have always wanted to revamp the look, but still maintain a classic blogging concept that we (or I mean, me) are so much used to. I miss those days when blog-hopping was the 'in' thing and people actually appreciates thoughts and high quality imagery.

Planned to have the new look up on 1st January (so cliche), but my hectic schedule got in the way (as always), but alhamdulillah I managed to complete this task in January as an early birthday gift to myself :)

I decided to go for a clean and sleek look with a touch of personalisation so that you won't feel distant from me seeing how professional this page looks now. Starting off with the header of course. If you're wondering, yes, that's my fugly handwriting that I managed to whip up by the minute when the layout of this blog is almost done.

All I can say is, I'm happy with this new breath of freshness. Change is good, especially if it's for the better. And to tell you the truth, I keep on falling in love over and over again about blogging ever since the first day I started, 8 years ago.

Here's to CHANGE :)

Ps: Let me know your thoughts on this new layout k! Would love to get some feedback from you in case I miss out on a few things :)
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Kai Darul said...

love love love the new theme. <3 so clean.

Kai | www.lilpink.info

Miss Farah said...

Love your theme Shea :)

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Okay cantik ape!!😘😘👍👍

Jihyun Seo said...

this new layout is so pretty Shea! i am totally loving it! <333 but it would be better if you make the font justtt a little bit bigger, hehehe,

verstylista said...

i love ur handwriting!its totally unique n not ugly at all!

verstylista said...

i love ur handwriting!its totally unique n not ugly at all!

gutbetucht said...

Love the new look! :D

Salams from England

sarah lee said...

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