January 31, 2016

January Favorites: NailsInc, Klaires, Wildflower, The Cambridge Satchel Company

I thought I'd end the month, or every month should I say with some of the things that I'm favourite-ing a lot! Feels like starting this monthly series of mine so that it could help you guys know what products I've been using, what's the trending item for the month and it could be possibly be just about anything I'm liking! Haha.. I think those are just jumbled up words of the same meaning. Lol.

P/s: All the links to the products I will be mentioning below are on the name ya. So click it if you'd like to further find out about it.

Here we go!

1. The Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel, from ShopBop
Bought this lil cutey from Shopbop cause I've always wanted a mini satchel of my own from this amazing label. I decided to choose this particular design in an oxblood colour cause I figured I've never had any purse in this colour, and it pretty much matches with anything. Though it looks a bit autumn-ish, I still think I can pull it off every time of the year!

These babies looks like their taken straight out of candy land! I mean, just look at the colours, huh? It makes me feel so happy just by looking at em like a total creep. Anyhoo, I figured I wanted to try the nail polish in this colour cause I've been crushing a lot on violet colours lately and as for the lipstick, I needed to break out of my shell and try on some damn pink lipstick. Enough of reds already! Nonono I didn't mean thatttt :p

3. Wildflower by Drew Barrymore, from Kinokuniya
Being the avid book searcher that I am, I remember founding out about this book a few months ago and immediately wanted to get it. Went to Kinokuniya and looked for it only to find out that it was not available. Yeah, I could look it up on Kino's website, but I just wanted an excuse to go there physically hehe. Then a few weeks later, I went to Kino again to look for a different book, and suddenly there I saw this gem calling out to me. The reason I wanted to get it was I probably because I love Drew Barrymore. I think that she gracefully ages and is the type of person who gets even more beautiful by day--like Kajol. So I had to get this light read to initiate my reading activity this year.

4. Klairs Skincare Product, from Natta Cosme
This is by far my favourite out of my January favourites cause I found out about this brand from a friend. So when I heard that Natta Cosme had it, I had to try it! I've gotten a few stuffs from their website and I find that they're reliable and the products are of ones hard to find in local stores. So I got the (from left to right) Rich Moist Soothing Serum which I use immediately after washing my face day and night. Then there's the Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish which I wear on a weekly basis cause it is a scrub. And lastly the Pure Vitamin C - Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop. This particular antioxidant treatment serum is da bomb cause I seldom need to wear my sunblock on with this.

After a month's usage, I can proudly say I love what it does to my skin. It feels light and moist and somehow just makes the skin glow, y'know? It does not whiten, cause I do not prefer whitening products cause I just don't get why you would wanna change your face colour to be different from your body. I just love products that makes you glow, whatever colour you are. Seriously I'm sick of seeing this sick obsession over white skin. They're just so overrated. Haha I'm babbling. Anyhoo, I think imma keep coming back to this Korean label cause I feel like it suits my face and I get less pimples than I used to when I'm on the moon. Lol. Also I still am currently using this, so in a few months time, I think my skin is gonna be a lot better!


So there you have it, hope you enjoyed this post, and don't forget to comment or message me if you'd really like to see this kinda posts on my blog! For you, I'd do anything! XD
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I want to get that Drew Barrymore thingy :p


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