January 29, 2016

Style Diary: Metallics For Days

Seriously though, it's not everyday you wear metallics, yeah? So when I did today I was extremely excited to stand out in all its metallic splendour. If you're afraid that you won't know how to style it, well, I'm here for ya! It's 2016 guys, let's explore fashion in a fun manner and be totally unpredictable in how we look, modestly of course ;)

Scarf: Shea Rasol
Metallic Top: Aere
Pants: Poplook
Purse: Zarina Zeza's Preloved

As you can see, what I did here was I paired it with the same colour tone it belonged to--black. And lucky for moi, this top is actually cropped, thus the metallic-ness is considerably subtle as how it should be. Lastly, to enhance the entire look, I picked a contrasting colour for my scarf, which is in fact still neutral seeing that it's brown. There you go!
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