January 25, 2016


As you might've done the maths, in Malaysia (especially KL) right now we have 3 public holidays which falls on every Monday for the 3 consecutive weeks. Like, whaaattt?? It's like everyone''s dream just came true and is pretty much equivalent to money falling down from the sky kinda effect.

But no, those public holidays actually meant nothing to me cause honestly it makes no difference anyway. When you chose to work on a flexible timeframe, this is the downside of it. Everyday is work day or everyday is a holiday, whichever you'd prioritise your schedule on. In the end of the day, it's all discipline, my friends. In case you're reading this from your 9-5 office, I just wanna say--I ENVY YOU!! Holiday breaks would mean so much to you and I'm sure you won't take for granted every minute you spend with it.

So yeah, here's me channelling my inner Darth Vader look which I'm sure is not actually a good thing seeing that he is the antagonist of the Star Wars franchise. I don't watch Star Wars, but I did wish I was cool enough to watch them from the very first movie to the last one. Cause yeah, being cool is what people strive to be these days, huh?

Ps: I couldn't wait to take this mask off cause I can't breathe in it! I guess that's where the panting sounds came from, from the real Darth Vader, huh? XD
Pps: I find that Wicket Ewok is the cutest character in the movie, and I'm regretting every minute of my life for not getting the lego keychain version at Legoland the past few weeks I went there. Boo.
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nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Hahha!! Yeah prolly that's why anakin breathes like that when wearing the mask!!! Sesak nafas oiiii!!!😄😄😄 my fave characters would be the droids... esp the new one, bb8!!!❤❤❤kak, its never too late to start watching the series!!! I'm not a fan, but I'm lucky that my local TV channel shows the whole series inc the ones from the 70s!!!👍👍👍okay2 la.. There are some parts quite draggy, for a non-fan.. Heeheh..✌✌✌may Allah be w u...☺☺☺💙💙💙👌👌👌