January 17, 2016

Thoughts: My Journey of Losing Weight and Feeling Happy About It

Ok so I promised you guys that I'd share with you my weight loss journey, right? Before, I'd swore to never tell the whole world how much my weight was cause I'd feel so embarrassed of it. But to tell you the truth, I'm not fat. I'm just chubby I think. Close family and friends would approve of that.

But this year I vowed to care a lot less about what people think of me, especially my body. So at this moment right now, I just don't care. Haha.. I'm 160cm and I'm a UK12 gal. I wear size L and quite busty for someone my height. So you can pretty much guess how my figure is. It's okay, I've got flesh here and there, but they're just not firm. So the thing that got me to actually turn my life around and watch what I eat is:


I was like HECK NO.

So I started various types of diets. When I hear something that worked on person A, I'd follow her steps. But then alter when I heard from person B that her method works, I tried that. Basically I didn't stick to anything and I just tried everything. Particularly because I wanted to find out which method suits me, but always in vain.

I tried eating (or you may call it drinking) fruit + vege smoothies 3 times per day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) for two weeks, and I just wanted to die!! I did lose 2kgs in those 2 weeks. But I didn't feel happy at all! I experienced headaches, and I always craved for food. So after that I discontinued the diet. It just wasn't working for me even though it was super easy considering I pre packed my solid fruits and veges in ziplock bags for the entire week in the freezer. I chopped the stocks I bought and segregate them into 3 bags per day, so that when the day comes, I just blend them and drink em.

I tried going to the gym. But failed at that too even though I paid for the first month for me and my sister (so that she motivates me to go), but I just went there 3 times in that month!! God. It's a lot harder than it sounds. 

I tried avoiding rice. And I failed big time again cause I am indeed a rice person instead of noodles. So you know how Asian tummies need their carbs like that. And nasi lemak being my favourite wasn't helping one bit at all.

So after the fugly discovery of the fact that I'm heavier than my elder sister, I was just like NO NO NO! I'm not even married yet and I weigh even more than a mom of two! 

So cut story short, I googled about aerobics classes for women around my area and alhamdulillah I found one club around my neighbouring area. I went and tried, and you know what, I loved it! I sweat a lot like it was nobody's business! And the fact that I could let myself go and dance my heart out was the icing on the cake (whoops, can't mention cakes here). 

And from there, on a whim I decided to drink Herbalife. Don't get me wrong, I'm not affiliated with herbalife whatsoever. I bought everything with my own moolah and just became a member to get discounted prices of the packages they have. Even after a week of consuming HL, I found out that I felt happy! Mostly because:

1. The shakes tasted good.
2. I can eat rice and chicken and all other sorts of protein at lunch.
3. I didn't think about food as frequent as I would before.
4. If I ate a big portion, I would have stomach ache later on because my tummy just can't afford to take in large portions anymore (so yay!)
5. My skin felt cleaner and better.
6. I pass motion a lot frequent than before.
7. I just felt truly genuinely happy with my body.

Though my weightless journey is not as inspiring as other people with remarkable results (blame my hectic schedule, and lack of H2O), I'm just freaking happy. That's what's important to me. Cause I tried various types of fad diets. Nothing worked. Padahal nak turun 10kg je. This 10kg is the most stubborn one I guess.

Like my coach said, either you lose a lot of weight, or you reshape. I think I reshaped a lot better than losing the actual weight. Lagi la best, kan?? I don't mind the weight so long as I look slimmer. And alhamdulillah people near and far have been complimenting my new figure. Even my younger sister said I did look slimmer than before. Mind you, we're not the complimenting I love yous type of sisters ok. Hahaha. And the other weird thing was my eldest sister even said my arm (from wrist to elbow), too, looked thinner! Hahahaha.. It was funny hearing that but that made me feel good and motivated to keep on with this journey.

And the thing that I do from time to time is Zumba, and Piloxing (just started that). And at home, I'll maybe cycle around a bit and just do planks in my bedroom. That's all. I'm lazy, I know. And ohh, when I climb the stairs at home, I'd just do it hard and fast so that I can feel it in the thighs and legs.

So yeah, I'm still consuming HL for my overall health wellbeing and the losing weight is just the bonus part for me. I just wanna be happy throughout the journey without too much pressure. I drink it every morning and dinner without fail.

So my advice to you if you wanna start losing weight: Do it for the sake of your health and not vanity. Do it slow and steadily and don't go for quick results but with no substance. Take pride in learning about weightloss and make sure you're doing it the intelligent way. Not the *skipping meals* kinda way. THAT WILL NEVER WORK I PROMISE YOU. 

For me, I have a personal coach to guide me through it all, and that's amazing cause if I were to depend on myself, I would definitely do it the wrong way. Lastly, I drink 3litres of water per day cause I know water is a killer weapon in doing everything good for your body. And  if you're wondering, yes, I pee a lot.

I'll update you from time to time about how I do this cause I still am actually on this journey. Therefore I cannot show you my before and after pics. Maybe you can start off with this:

-Walking with Leslie Sanson-

Play it on your laptop or internet TV, and walk for miles in the comfort of your own home! I tried this too, and I loved it, but I didn't stick to it as much as I should. Boo me. Meanwhile, here's today's simple go-to-everyday-look:

Will continue this sister-to-sister session with my skincare routine k! So do stay tuned :)
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Wani Shalala said...

Thank you for your sharing. I'm having the same problem right now. We got the same height and my weight right now is heavier than my mom. It's doesn't feel right. I've try a lot of method before but all those fats just love me and won't go anywhere.
I'm a student so its concern me a lot. You know how society is. I can try your method after this. Thanks a lot and I love your confidence in fashion. love.

Miss Macaroon said...

Hi Shea, a inspiration indeed.I know how it feels.I was the overweight among my four siblings,all of the same heights so definitely everybody noticed.
But perseverance did pay off..I took 3 years to loose weight and now I feel confident more than ever..changing towards a better me did boost my confidence.Thank you so much for your post.

nabila azmi said...

Such an inspiring one. Thanks sharing ♥

hamidah yussof said...

salam shea..dah lama tak baca entry shea yg agak pnjg. hehe..anyway tahniah atas kejayaan shea dr hari ke hari. Always inspiring.. Ada masa singgah midz pnye blog jgk ye


Nat's Little Diary said...

So inspiring! i think i need to start my weight loss program now now now! I gained so much weight for the past few years.


Bahja Musanif said...

Hello.. This is such an inspiring post.. Thanks for sharing ❤️