January 30, 2016

Travel: Freeport A'Famosa Outlet Mall

Just last two days I made a visit to Melaka, well, Melaka is actually a frequent for me seeing that it's just 2 hours away from KL. But this was specifically because I heard about this new outlet mall opening in Alor Gajah, I just had to drag my mom and sis with me there. And since it was in Alor Gajah, the distance was a lot shorter than I imagined!

Something like JPO in Johor, but better, I found out that the Freeport A'Famosa Outlet Mall has gorgeous landscaping and it feels homey-warmer kind of feel even though they're actually new. So here's moi, going window shopping and figuring out how to maximise these crazy sales they're having everywhere.

Drawstring Tunic Shirt: Shea Rasol
Pants: Zara
Sneakers: Superga
Bucket Bag: Shals

Here's happy me with my loots! I found this cool toy store which had soooo many affordable toys to begin with! I immediately thought of my nephews cause I'm sure they'd appreciate it a lot more than I would (I bought myself a bubble shooting gun, don't judge). 

I managed to score some shoes, my sis got some baking stuff and my mom shopped to her heart's content cause she too was liking the discounted prices. Like she got 2 pairs of shoes for RM150. Neat, huh? That's why I'd highly recommend you to head over to the mall if you want to go to an outlet mall. They have a food court, surau, cool scenery and a shady surrounding so that it does not get too hot outside. And sales. Lots and lots of em!

And the good thing is, on our way back home there was these rows of traditional shops by the roadside selling rattan products. We managed to stock up some baskets and tudung saji for home. So I guess our journey to Alor Gajah was indeed fruitful one!

Here are the details of the mall in case you'd like to make a visit:
How to get there: Click here
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Fatin Soho said...

Haha. You are so cute to buy bubble shooting gun. No one judge :p