February 25, 2016

Beauty: Bright Smokey

So instead of the usual black smoky that we always see everywhere, why not try the bright smokey for a change instead? I actually got this inspiration from snapchat discover last night, and I was like, heck, I have to try this! I love how it's unexpected and is more fun apart from the usual smokey that I ALWAYS do.

Best part of all, I just used only one shade! From the Urban Decay Vice palette above, I used Heroin (circled), and smeared it across both eyelids with only my fingers. Yes, this look is the easiest to achieve. And since my eye makeup was pretty bold, I decided to wear a super nude lipstick to tone things down. Sweep on some mascara, and BAM I'm done!

P/s: It really really enhances my black iris--YAY!! I'm trying my best to avoid contact lenses you see, cause first, I'm scared if it'll affect my eyes health-wise. And second, appreciate your God-given eye colour, will ya? XD
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