February 29, 2016

February Favorites: Quay, Victoria's Secret, Spotlight, Urban Decay

A veeeeery big hello to February 29th! We've missed you! Heee.. Cause honestly yeah, you come around every 4 years, so a lot has happened since the last 29th February, okay! :D And this time around, I'm gonna be sharing with you guys this month's favourite items I have been loving for the past 28 days. I do feel that this month was a bit extra special for me cause it's my month. But apart from that, I feel like it stood out in all of the 12 months cause it's has the shortest days, which means you won't take those two-days extra for granted each month :p

1. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner
If you have been seeing my updates on instagram and snapchat, then you might've probably noticed my obsession towards glittery eyes this past month. I've been scouring high and low for a good glitter eyeliner, and I found this one was the best out of it all. I love the packaging, the applicator brush works super good, the glitters are packed and at the same time quite tame seeing that it never flies off to your face after a long day. Big thumbs up to this babe!

2. Coffee Cup, Spotlight
Okay, again you might've seen this little guy's appearance in some of my recent posts, cause yeah, I just got it this month! Haha.. I mean like, I didn't really need a coffee cup, but what attracted me was how it looks like a PAPER coffee cup, but instead, it's not! It's plastic with a silicone lid and grip. So I personally think it's kinda cool cause it looks like a paper cup, but it's not. Do you get me? Oh please say you do! XD And since I drink green tea almost 2-3 times per day, so I say this little cup was quite an investment hehee.

3. Flora Hijab by Razak
I got this beauty when I attended The Wedding KL fashion show just last week. It's actually a square scarf with peonies scattered all across the one corner of the scarf. If you ask me, I kinda fell in love with the packaging and the fact that I could wear my favourite flower on my head when I wanted to! I'll let you know when I wear it ya!

4. Secret Charm by Victoria's Secret
If you're wondering what's my signature scent is (which I kinda hoped you'd never do), it's this Secret Charm! I've been a long time user of this particular fragrance cause I simply can't find anything else that screams me when I test every scent out in Victoria's Secret. Also I have been restocking the EDTs up to a few bottles now cause it's merely RM60 and is so small that I can easily stash it into my purse. But for this mist version, I'd spray it on me when I'm at home, on my bed, after I take a shower, just for that quick pick me up! :)

5. Envy by Quay x Amanda Steele
Who's your favourite Youtuber? One of mine is actually Amanda Steele! So when I heard she collaborated with Quay to produce her own line of sunglasses, I was like whoaaaahhh I need to get one! It made a huge impact on my decision to get one as well cause I personally think my face shape looks better in wayfarer-shaped sunglasses--squarish and boxy. This pair comes in black too, but since I already have too many black sunglasses, I figured I'd try something else for a change.

Hope you liked this post and I will see you in my next episode of my favourite goodies, next month! Kidding, I'll probably see you tomorrow or the day after in my next post. Teehee!
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Syafiqah Hashim said...

Sunglasses tu very nice! Nudes color will compliment you Kak Shea!

author nad said...

I love amanda steele too! those sunglasses look perf with you

A. Aqma said...

Hi Shea, can you advise me how you bought the sunglasses? Been adored Quay soo much! Oh ya, my favourite Youtuber is That's Heart <3

Red Cent said...

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