February 2, 2016

Style Diary: Feeling Young Again

February started off pretty well for me. One of my favourite indie singers since 2010, Lisa Mitchell, dropped a comment on my instagram picture and I couldn't be more excited about it! I listen to her songs until today and it does indeed hold a special place in my heart for reasons I'd prefer not to tell. Go check my twitter (@shearasol) out, cause I print screened the image there!

And for today's look, it's just me basically dreaming in whites :D

Scarf: Unbranded
Fishtail Top: Shea Rasol
Pants: Zara
Tote: Dior
Sneakers: Puma Rihanna Creepers

And the thing I love most about today's look is how it took years of my age! Not that I am that old, but I feel like I'm a uni girl all over again thanks to the youthful cut for this bestseller top I just released at my shop. The waffle-like material adds structure to the silhouette cause it is indeed a stiff fabric that will stay in place as how it should. Oh, did I mention that it is totally wudhu' and breastfeeding friendly too? You've just been warned.

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Syafiqah Hashim said...

you look stunning kak shea..

Marsya Jauzi said...

You always look beautiful kak Shea! :D


Fatin Atiqah said...

Girl you got them kicks!!!!!!

nur 'atikah jamsuri said...

Round shades!!! I like!!!πŸ‘“the shoes!!! Nice w the outfit!!!πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™