February 10, 2016

Style Diary: Secret Love

Woke up super early this morning, not sure why though. But I'd have to say that early morning vibes really excites me. They're just so calming and silent. It's the only time you feel as closest you are with your Creator, and nothing can ever beat that feeling. So as usual, as soon as I got up, drank a bottle of plain water, then only I'd go about solah, shower, breakfast etc.

Scarf: From Makkah
White Shirt: H&M
Flare Outerwear: Shea Rasol
Pants: Mango
Purse: Hush Puppies

And what I'd usually do while getting ready is I'd turn the radio on just so that the morning feels cheerful and alert. Especially this morning, as I turned on the radio, I heard this song that I immediately fell in love with. I didn't know the name of the title and the band singing it. So I simply googled some of the lyrics I managed to catch which was "Why can't I kiss you on the dance floor?" haha.. And found that it was this new song called Secret Love Song by Little Mix. I can't stop listening to it ever since!
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Zahra Tea said...

Love your style Shea! Would love it if you checked out my blog too! Sending all my love from London, UK!


Marsya Jauzi said...

I love your outift!!!! I really want to buy your clothing line but yeah, soon maybe. Kak Shea looks cute wearing glasses! <3


Joenah Joyce said...

You look amazing!
Hugs from Philippines!

- Joyce | http://www.bitsofjoyce.com/

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Thong Nguyen said...

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