February 23, 2016

Style Diary: Westward Bound

I often get asked "What's your personal style, Shea?" And every time  I would answer the same, which is, I don't have a definite style I could describe. My mind is so indecisive when it comes to styling myself cause I feel like I would love to try everything. For instance today, I practically got up and decided to wear something that's very Western American-ish. I wish I had a cowboy boots to begin with, but hey, we can make do of the resources we have, don't we?

Scarf: From Indonesia
Long shirt: Milktee
Dress: From Vietnam
Satchel: Forever21
Ankle Boots: Forever21
Sunnies: Quay x Amanda Steele

Yeah, who says you can't rock boots at a tropical country like Malaysia? The key to styling it well is to pair it with anything light weighted and far from bulky. I made that happen when I wore my midi dress that falls just above the boots, to get the ultimate Western feel to this entire look. I think I should invest in a pair of cowboy boots, cause they are such exquisite things! And also maybe I could recreate Taylor Swift's pre-pop era looks! Teehee! Start looking for it, Shea!
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NiaNastiti said...

I like this style. The mix n match inspired me to wear boots at tropical country like Indonesia :D

Wahidah Aziz said...

I lovee this style so much but not sure if I can pull this off T_T

Along said...

What can you not wear and look pretty in it lah, shea? Now u made me wanna wear ankle boots pulak!