February 28, 2016

Thoughts: Government Schools VS International Schools, Say What?

I'm not here to create any controversy or add salt to a wounded scar, but with the recent viral video that exploded Malaysia with regards to some comments about comparisons among Local Government schools VS international schools, I feel like I have to say something from my point of view as well.

Ask yourself, what is the MOST NOBLE job in the world? Can't think of any? Cause my answer would be pretty simple--educators! And when I say educators, it varies and can cover from kindergarten teachers, preachers, lecturers, trainers, coaches and even your parents! These are the people who shapes the world by moulding the younger generation to equip them with the complete package they need to have to be an adult one day. No matter how good or bad they are at it, they're obviously one step ahead all of us for choosing to be the backbone of civilisation.

Like hello, you're giving the gift of knowledge, and to me, nothing beats that. Even if you're working as a part time tutor teaching tuition classes at night for some extra income, girl, you might just have the noblest part-time job ever!

So yeah, some comments Ameera, the 15 year old girl who made the video, are probably true. But some, I personally think are made from a big chunk of GENERALISING bases. And honey, you really just can't  generalise anything to prove a point. Lawyers don't do that, scientists don't do that, engineers don't do that, and last I checked, doctors don't, too. You need facts, numbers, stats, observations, surveys and knowledge to take a big leap and make that video.

You can throw a kid into the most absurd looking school with the worst facilities or education system, and the students can come out of it SUCCESSFUL. You can shoot a girl on her head, be in a coma, and she can climb back up and go to school without having clean toilets and glistening spoons (I'm talking about Malala Yousafzai). Some circumstances in life are not an option for people, but it's their attitude towards life is what makes them achieve whatever that is not given to them their way.

The right way to compare would be, comparing government schools with other government schools Cause it'll be in the same context, and from there we can pick up where things need to be improved and whatnot. Comparing international schools with government schools is like comparing a Maserati and a Myvi. Both vehicles OBVIOUSLY transports you from point A to point B, but which driver is the best out of both? And the driver I meant here is the student itself. 

But I do respect her for publicly apologising cause it shows that she can be the bigger person and admitted her mistakes. All of this is a learning process, and I believe whatever she did was somewhat a wakeup call for some, so some might gain from it, and some would just be plain cruel with their words on social media, not a surprise there.
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Noraiza Suhaimi said...

I hope she read this and learn something. Because your opinion is the best one so far. Everyone is bashing her and to be honest I am one of those who was mad about this. So thank goodness for reading such a positive words from you. I agree with what you said about the comparison between the two schools should be made from the same area. And students are responsible for their own achievement. Then again, without failure, when can we learn right? So hopely, she won't be doing any kind controversy and just focus on her studies. Have a good day, Shea.

aishahza said...

"Some circumstances in life are not an option for people, but it's their attitude towards life is what makes them achieve whatever that is not given to them their way."

This is spot on Shea. Love this post.