February 24, 2016

Trend: Tattoo Bracelet Comeback

I don't know when or how, but I kinda expected the rebirth of the infamous tattoo bracelet we'd all (well most of us) would've adorn when we were teenagers. Yes, the tattoo choker/bracelet is back guys! I've been seeing it on most IT fashion bloggers, and to say the least, they're all working it with their daily outfits like it's the 90s again.

Tattoo Bracelet: Dollar Store
My Daily Heart Bracelet: From Portugal
Watch: Casio

That's the thing about fashion and trends though, they keep recycling them through time, and pretty much every generation will surely want to recreate looks with old fashioned pieces. That's why I'm not really afraid of getting myself something that is seasonal, cause I know the trend will come back. And the best part about these tattoo choker bracelet, is that they're super duper cheap! I got this piece for $1! One thing I don't get though, why 'tattoo'? It does not look like a tattoo to me :/
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