March 7, 2016

Faith: Healing Broken Hearts

I came across this ayah from surah Ad-Dhuha, which was in fact very short and precise in relation to the heart. We go through heartbreaks in life in various forms and that goes for me, too. I wanted to find solace in the words of Allah, rather than using music as how I would used to do whenever emotions kicked in. So this ayah, touched me in so many ways that I'd be a fool not to share it with you.

"And the future will be better for you than the past. Your Lord is sure to give you (so much) that you will be pleased."

This surah came down to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) when he was feeling down for not receiving any revelation (wahyu) for some time from our Lord. Can you imagine that? Here I am feeling sad for some irrelevant worldly matters, and our Prophet was heartbroken for not receiving a revelation. May Allah protect our hearts. Ameen.
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e F a said...

kalau baca ni tenang je rasa

splice said...

Thank You for this Shea, I really needed this. May you be rewarded abundantly for your continuous efforts to strive❤️

Nisa Kay said...

I cried