March 3, 2016

Ideas: How I Store My Sunglasses

Ok, so remember how I was so excited to finally getting the flowers to revamp a certain corner in my room? Well, today is the day I'm gonna reveal to you that corner! Haha.. it was the easiest revamping session I ever did for my room, so basically it took me just an hour to polish things up. And as you might've noticed, my love for sunglasses is just beyond the horizon, right? So, here we go!

Console desk: Ikea
Sunglasses display: KST
Flowers: Local florist
Deer ornament: Typo

What I did was I basically got myself two of these sunglasses stand you can get at any supply store. I bought one at first casually thinking it would be enough for all the sunglasses I have, but I was wrong! I needed another one ok -_-" I have only quite a few designer sunglasses, and the rest are just affordable ones that I simply couldn't resist owning. And I can honestly tell you, some of my favs are the cheap unbranded ones, because they are lighter and does not slide down my nose when I wear them.

So there you have it! I hope this post will give you a bit of an idea how to store your sunglasses of you're a sunglasses freak like me. :p
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Sabrina Tajudin said...

This is soooo neattt! Love it!

Mrs. A said...

Nice and simple

Siti Zakiah said...

cantik... love sgt..

Siti Zakiah said...

oh yes. I might want to ask you, what about shoes? any idea, dear?

Jihyun Seo said...

Sheaaaa when will you do a room tour? Your room is literally goals!

FYDA said...

Waaa....good idea! Mesti rajin nak tukar pakai selalu kan shea! Acah-acah mcm amek kt kedai! Hehe

Red Cent said...

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