March 20, 2016

Style Diary: Corals and Denims

It's finally the weekend guys! And that means it's time to partayyy! Hahaha NOT. I'm just looking forward to the end of March where the weather forecast predicts that El Nino in KL will be finally over, insyaAllah. But today, just before the equinox is said to hit Malaysia, here's what I wore out..

Veila scarf: Shea Rasol
Outer shirt: DIY-ed
Denim wide leg pants: Shea Rasol
Purse: Charles & Keith
Sunnies: Quay x Amanda Steele

And as I'm typing this, rain begins to fall outside...heavily! MasyaAllah, Allah is just too kind and generous for taking away this heat from us when we explicitly would like Him to. Hope your Sunday was fabulous btw, ladies! Talk soon! x
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The Twisted Moth said...

Love the denim wide leg pants! Well, love the total outfit actually. So pretty~The Twisted Moth

Property Investment said...

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Thong Nguyen said...

máy chạy bộ điện bàn bóng bàn

Ezie Selaut Kasih said...

shea..share cam ni belit shawl tu.. nampak simple tapi kemas... ;)

tinizubir said...
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tinizubir said...

Love ur I wish to wear something like this while hav to chase my daughter😂😂