March 16, 2016

Style Diary: How to Work Amber Tones

Wasn't feeling very well today cause my tummy was in knots I never knew where it came from. I ate almost the same thing, my supplement routine has been nothing but daily repetitive and I drink quite the same amount of water everyday too. Hmmm.. Well, there was something different, and that was the lunch I had, that my sister made for me. It was too healthy I tell you. It might be that I think? XD

Jacket: Vintage
Pants: Poplook
Crossbody bag: Forever21
Watch: Tag Heuer

Now you know why I cropped my face in all of these images.. I looked to miserable holding in the pain! But nevertheless, I had to share this outfit with you girls cause sometimes I get messages asking me how to work amber tones (or like mustard yellow). I'd pair it with grey! Lots and lots of grey! :D
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farhanafarid14 said...

I love how you dress up, keep posting more entries okies. (i know many peeps have already told you the same thing :'p but i want to say it too anyway.) much loves from me!

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