March 11, 2016

Style Diary: Of Flannels And Birks

Went out to settle a few production works for my shop today and I managed to whip out an outfit that's so relatable to the 90s. With a touch oh boho-esqe feel, the earthy tones is applied to the entire look while making sure there's a bit of a highlight here and there in the details. Yes, this look is all about the details guys.

Scarf: Zacheela (if I'm not mistaken)
Tee: Uniqlo
Flannel shirt: Mango
Chinos: Zara
Drawstring bag: Armcandy
Sandals: Birkenstock

Go dig your closet and try to recreate this look okay! This has been one of the most comfiest outfit I have ever put together, though I never compromise comfort in styling. So you can imagine how practical and easygoing this look has its effect on me :D And yes, the weather's pretty hot lately, so naturally I would go for cotton tshirts so that I won't be cranky by the end of the day :p
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Syafiqah Hashim said...

Look comfortable! Style la kak shea..

e F a said...

dulu salu ikat cardigan kat pinggang. hahahhaha... lawa la sheaaaaa

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