March 8, 2016

Style Diary: Rosy Casuals

Life has to move on. Pick up the pieces of where you left off, and just go. Fall down seven times, get back up eight. Your heart is stronger than steel, and it has endured bigger and worser things in life that it gets stronger by default. You're amazing, you're passionate and you're kind. You look for the best in people and you say what you preach. You have Allah every second of every day, and that's more than enough than you'll ever need.

Tell this to yourself everyday, okay ladies!

Scarf: Forever21
Cropped Top: Supre (An old old pair)
Tee: Uniqlo
Skirt: Alamak tak ingat
Backpack: Forever21
Plimsolls: Superga

Have a rosy cheeks kinda day, huns! :)
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Thong Nguyen said...

máy chạy bộ điện bàn bóng bàn giàn tập tạ

Diana Latham said...

Jazak I needed to see that today.u r
the best. I believe u will be rewarded for this reminder definitely.