March 29, 2016

Travel: Time Capsule Retreat, Pahang, Malaysia

So to fulfill my promise to you which is to share my recent experience at Time Capsule Retreat, here is this post! :D My girlies and I decided to spend some girly time together just last weekend in the woods where we wanted to just chill and relax. Usually our trip consists of adventurous activities or lotsa visits, but this time around it was just purely to relax and unwind. So we chose this place, which we have booked 3 months ago!

I'm sure you're thinking whatttt, 3 months ago?? Yep, you got that right. It's pretty hard to book this place cause most weekends are already full (Says the owner), but if you do want to spend some time here someday, try weekdays. 

On the first night, we stayed at the tube capsule room which literally had only a queen bed, an air conditioner and a night lamp. Lucky for the customers, there's a electric socket that you can use to charge your phone. So my tips for you if you wanna experience sleeping in a tube:

1. Bring an extender cord so both people can charge the phone simultaneously.
2. Bring a pair of waterproof slippers cause the toilet is about 20m away from the tubes. So you will need to walk and take a shower with those slippers. I didn't bring mine so it was troublesome to wet my shoes.
3. Pack your clothes in a small bag and not those spinner-wheeled-luggage. Cause the only place you have to store your belongings is under the bed or beside the mattress (there's a small space there). I used my large Longchamp weekender bag and it was perfect.
4. Don't bring baju kelawar as you pjs haha. Bring a long sleeved tee and pants as jammies, so that it will be easier for you to go in and out of the tube.
5. To pray there is tricky. Either you go to the main house a few steps above the tubes, or you just pray inside the tube in front of the door as soon as you step in each tube. Some bloggers say that they pray on the mattress haha. I didn't cause my head can touch the ceiling of the tube, so I just prayed at the space in front of the door.

The following night, we transferred into a bigger room in the same retreat. It was called the Discovery Room if I'm not mistaken, and it comes with its own personal jaccuzzi bathtub that is situated just out the deck of the room. You can pretty much relax in the woods kinda way cause the things that are surrounding you are only the trees. Cool, huh?

This room can fit 4 people and there's a toilet in the room so you don't need to go outside for that. There's a space for BBQ, lots benches and a wide outdoor space for when you wanna sit outside. I loved this deck. I laid my mat and read a book underneath the trees while I was there. We also celebrated my besties' bachelorette party there where we talked and ate the food we brought from KL.

Honestly speaking, there's not much to do in Sg. Lembing. Finding food was also not that hard but there was not many choices. I'd highly suggest you pack some food for the trip. You can actually rent a bike or motorcycle to enable you to roam around the village, but that's just it la kot. There's also a museum, a mine tunnel and a morning market in the weekends. So that's about it I guess.

What I enjoyed the most throughout this trip is that you can bond so much with the people you came with cause there's not much to do besides that. So that was a plus. If you ask me, I think this retreat is suitable for couples, but not so much for couples with small kids. Cause it'll be too cumbersome for you to have them sleep in a a different tube than you and having the toilet outside. But for the Discovery Room, for sure can! :D

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Kai Darul said...

I wanna try this. <3 <3

aswaleyla said...

cantik sangat ... maybe one day my turn pulak relex2 kat sini.

Thong Nguyen said...

máy chạy bộ điện giàn tập tạ
bàn bóng bàn

Syafiqah Hashim said...

I will experience this some day! Thanks for the tips Kak Shea. Much love!

Aqilah Kasbi said...

Assalamualaikum and hye sis shea, just wanna ask how much the rent of discovery room per night?