March 22, 2016

Trend: Why This Vintage Ring Is So Special To Me

I'd have to say, this post is somewhat bias in a way that the trend we are speaking about today here at My Amethyst, is indeed my own trend. Not something you see everyone else going for at the moment haha. I've been obsessed with rings for as long as I can remember, and I feel that it is the only type of jewellery that is charming on its own, and not complimentary to whatever outfit you wear.

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If you must know I've been on the lookout for a vintage ring for quite some months now. The type where you wear it daily and it's considered to be you when people look at it. Like if you miss wearing it in a single day cause you were rushing to work, your hand feels so naked and awkward the entire day. 

So, I begged my mom to bring out her old jewelleries cause I wanted to have a look at some of them before I settle to something I might buy online. I've been researching about it A LOT I tell you. Lo and behold, I found this tiny flower ring encrusted with diamonds (or whatever type of gemstone, I don't care, as long as it's hers) and when I tried it on, it fit me perfectly. It was hers when she was in the 20s around 1970s like that.

The awesome part of all of this? My mom told me I could have it. *faints* The not so fun part? Since I can only fit it on my ring finger, one could easily mistaken this for a wedding ring. I'm single guyssss.. Come backkk! Hahaha what the hell.

Can't wait till the day that I can one day pass this ring to my daughter one day--IN SHAA ALLAH :)

Ps: The ring I wore on my middle finger is a marcasite silver ring I bought at Lovisa. It looks very vintagey and it reminds me of squared paper doilies. It's been on my hand for more than a week now :)
Pps: There will be a part two of my personal ring story. Can't wait to share with you the story once the ring is done at the jeweller's!
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puteri shahariman said...

Your mother's ring is more or less like my mum's but her stone is ruby.
I love vintage ring too!!! Classic and have much character!!

Nisa Kay said...

cincin2 dalam gambar tu lawa lawaa

ronmojohny said...

Amazing rings,it's really beautiful,and the design it's very unique.

James Allen said...

What I love about the rings here is they are equipped with Gemstones, and if Gold and Silver combine with Gemstone according to Horoscope, definitely more positive energy developed.
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