April 19, 2016

Style Diary: My Korea Spring Looks

As any normal human being who just got back from traveling, I'm sure your memory card will be flooded with traveling images and whatnot, yeah? That goes the same for me too. I was like, dang, how am I gonna have these up and not confuse you, my readers, and me! So I figured I'd segregate it into different parts according to their categories. First up will be the looks I wore while I was in South Korea, starting with my favourite look of all:

Scarf: Vintage
Dress: Zolace (click to shop)
Leather Jacket: Vintage
Pumps: Topshop
Crosssbody bag: Forever21

So why is this my favourite look? It's cause it's unexpectable to be worn while traveling. I seldom wear skirts or dresses whilst traveling, but the beautiful Korea really called out to me to get my fashion game on. I mean just look at this random background I took my picture in front of. It's literally a random road that we happen to pass by while waiting for the rest of my tour mates. But masyaAllah it's just too beautiful for words!

And also for the fact that this is a new dress from Zolace that I've been saving for this trip for a few weeks. The batwing cut and pleated waist detail makes this dress a stunner piece to have in my wardrobe.

And for my 2nd look:

Scarf: Shea Rasol (click to shop)
Lightweight coat: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Zara
Sneakers: Superga
Backpack: Kenzo

This is a very straightforward look which consists of lightweight coat that pretty much suits most of the things I brought with me. The weather was lovely that day that I didn't need to put on anything too thick. And for days that require me to walk a lot, this outfit was on point for it.

The 3rd look:

Scarf: Can't remember
Sweater: Korea
Pants: Zara
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Jelly shoes: Juju Jellies

This outfit was really impromptu as we were warned the day before that it would get pretty cold the next day. Being the unprepared me, I came without bringing any thick sweaters so I panicked. Luckily we managed to stop by Seomun Market so I managed to get myself this chic sweater with a long slit.

My 4th look:

Scarf: Forever21
Long trench coat: Monki
Jeggings: Uniqlo
Sneakers: Superga
Bag: Louis Vuitton

This is a look which was oh so sassy and comfortable I must say. I love the length of the coat (or more like a wind breaker type coat) cause I get to layer something fitted inside without feeling insecure haha. Yes, when you travel to cold places, you'll need to wear lotsa layers. So underneath this coat was a heat-tech tee which I wore to keep me warm on the inside.

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